My passion is to create bespoke products for our corporate clients and busy familys.

Here I have created a line of organic pastry, stocks and sauce products.

They have been created with no added salt, stocks are antibiotic and hormone free and packaging is bio-degradable, compostable and ocean friendly.

                ALL our products use certified100% Organic ingredients.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our exciting and innovative range of products.

- Possibilities are only limited by imagination -


All Butter Puff Pastry

£5 (500g)

This organic, rich delicate flaky puff pastry is an essential ingredient for the kitchen.


Shortcrust Pastry

£5 (500g)

This all butter, shortcrust pastry will do your creation proud.

Beautifully savoury and crisp with a hint of thyme. 


Sweet pastry

£5 (500g)

An amazing organic, all butter sweet pastry, made with butter, eggs and a hint of vanilla.

Delicious, sweet and crisp.



£7 (500g)

A Luxury mincemeat made with an aged organic cognac.

will make approx. 24 mince pies 

Egg Pasta

£5 (1 kilo)

A silky rich egg pasta made with super fine organic '00' flour.


Pizza Base

£4 (660g) 

This fresh organic pizza dough is enough for 4 medium pizzas. made from spring water, fresh yeast and strong bread flour 


£3 (600g)

A rich organic passata made with fresh tomatoes.

Perfect for your pizza or pasta.

Vegetable stock

£4 (500ml)

This aromatic organic stock is made with fresh vegetables, organic white wine and finished with sprigs of fresh herbs. 

Chicken stock

£4 (500ml)

This organic brown chicken stock is made with fresh vegetables and spring water then finished with fresh herbs for a fragrant note.

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